Our History

The Restaurant

The restaurant is frequented by Venetian inhabitants and foreigners. There are many guests of the Guggenheim Foundation (critics, artists, museums managers) and there is also a long list of Italian and foreign personalities. The restaurant has joined the Association Restaurants of the Warm Reception and the Union of Italian Restaurateurs. These are some of the personalities that have frequented the restaurant or that have been guests at parties and galas organized by “Ai Gondolieri”. Francois Mitterand, ex President of the French Republic, was a regular customer of the restaurant. Among painters and artists we point out Music, Chihuly, Carla Fracci. Among the fashion designers Roberto Cavalli, Trussardi, Valentino.

Politicians as Romano Prodi, Josè Haznar, Koffe Hannan, Del Turco, Melandri, Sgarbi. Actors and actresses as Liz Taylor, Meryl Streep, Cameron Diaz, John Malkovic. Big multinational companies have organized parties as Waldorf, Walt Disney, Hugo Boss, Aprilia. Personalities as Lady Diana. Moreover the MOMA in New York, the International Council, the Rotary. Other famous guests: Fabrizio Frizzi, Alberto Sordi, Gianni Versace, Sade, Elton Jhon, Hugh Grant, Steven Spielberg, Ron, Pino Donaggio, Patty Pravo, Mietta, Stefano Nosei, Ornella Vanoni, Natta Lake, Frank Gehary, Claudine Auger, Lauren Hutton,Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, Woody Allen.

Ristorante Ai Gondolieri